A different approach to automotive conferences

No vendors… No hype… Only advanced content    |    Monday, August 19th in Dallas

The Automotive Conference, Reinvented

Because conferences should be about helping dealers, not making money…

Let’s be honest – most automotive conferences have lost their way… Dealers are frustrated because there’s zero value in attending a conference that’s really just a vehicle to make the conference organizer more money. It’s time for a change…

Finally, a conference that only cares about helping dealers

(You’re here to learn… everything else is a distraction)

No vendors
or booths

(yes, seriously!)

Come to learn...
Not to get pitched

We’re not here to make money off of ridiculous vendor fees. We’re here to educate dealers.

Our speakers were invited

(who didn't pay us to speak)

Advanced-level content

We’re not here to make money by charging speakers $25,000 to speak. We chose experts who want to help.

No pointless hype

(it's about you, not us)

Forget the self-promotion

This event is about helping the dealers who attend, not about drinking our own Kool-aid or promoting our own company.

We’ve heard all the complaints… Dealers don’t think conferences are worth attending anymore. The value simply isn’t there… at least for dealers. The truth is that conferences have become money-making machines for conference organizers. The organizers don’t really care about helping dealers; they put on their events to pad their pockets.

Sure, it costs money to put on a conference – but that doesn’t mean the conference should only be about making money.

It’s time for a new approach

Ignition is the start of a new generation of automotive conferences. We’re focused on dealer education, not making money. We’ve taken the automotive conference guidebook and shredded it. We built Ignition from the ground up, focusing on only one thing: being the best educational event in the automotive industry.

You won’t miss a week of work

The conference is on a Monday, and since most dealerships are closed on Sundays, that means you can fly in without missing any work. The event is over Monday evening, so you can fly home that night and only miss a day of work – or if you want to fly home Tuesday morning, you’ll only miss half the day.

There are no vendors or booths

You won’t have to avoid pushy salespeople trying to jam a demo down your throat whenever you turn around. There are zero vendors at the event – you shouldn’t be distracted from all the knowledge bombs.

We invited all of the speakers

Our speakers were hand-picked because they’re experts who want to help. No one could pitch to speak, and none of the speakers had to pay thousands of dollars for a speaking slot (seriously, some conferences START at $25,000 for a speaking slot).

You’ll see every presentation

Ignition is a keynote-style single-track conference. You won’t have to rush between rooms or choose between speakers, since everything happens in one room.

There’s no self-promotional hype

We’re not using the conference to promote our own brand. We won’t throw huge parties to try to impress everyone. We won’t bring a huge video crew to shoot footage that we’ll charge people to watch later. Ignition is truly ONLY about dealer education.

Best of all… It’s incredibly affordable

Focusing on education and skipping all the extra fluff means that we don’t have to charge an arm and a leg (and a firstborn child) for a conference ticket. The early bird rate is almost unbelievable – the entire event is only $350.

What are you waiting for? Grab your ticket today: