Convince your boss to send you to Ignition

Here’s a bit of ammunition to help you make your case (plus an email template!)

We get it… It’s ANOTHER automotive conference in an already crowded market. But Ignition is a complete reinvention of conferences with a laser focus on providing advanced-level education with zero distractions. Plus, you’ll get to network with the expert speakers and other dealers at the event. But you already know it’s going to be awesome, and so do your peers. So how do you convince your boss that sending you to Ignition will benefit the dealership?

We’ve got a few nuggets to help you make your case – and even an email template at the bottom of the page that you can cut-and-paste to make it easier!

How to plead your case

Competition is fiercer than ever. Dealerships fought through COVID and the inventory shortage only to get hit by the recession, so everyone has to fight for customers. The dealerships who come out on top are the ones pivoting and using the best tactics – and that’s exactly what Ignition will help you do.

This won’t be like other automotive conferences. Ignition was created with an absolute focus on dealer education with zero distractions. Share these points with your boss to prove that sending you to Ignition will help the dealership beat the competition:

Use this email template to help!

Hey [super awesome and generous boss] –

Have you heard about Ignition? It’s an amazing new automotive conference in Dallas at the end of August. You know how frustrated we’ve been with other automotive conferences – but this one’s going to be completely different.

It’s a complete reinvention of the automotive conferences. It’s a single track – so I’ll get to see every session. The speakers were all hand-picked and invited, so it’s only the best of the best speakers – not vendors just trying to pitch their services.

In fact… there won’t be any vendors there! The conference is focused on dealer education, not trying to make money off of the event.

I know you’re busy, so here are the top reasons our dealership would benefit from sending me to Ignition:

  1. I’ll be learning from the best. The lineup of speakers is insane – there are sessions on GA4, using AI to help the dealership, advanced website tactics, SEO, PPC, and even BDC tips. It’s pretty much a dream team of speakers.
  2. I’ll only miss a day of work. I can fly in on Sunday afternoon, and the conference is over at 5 on Monday, so I can fly home that night and only miss a single day of work.
  3. It won’t break the bank. Tickets are only $350, there are cheap hotels all around the conference, and Dallas is the HQ for Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, so it’s cheap and there are tons of options for flights.
  4. Not many dealers will be there. Tickets are limited to about 100 attendees because they want to keep the event small and intimate. That means our competitors won’t be there and we’ll learn advanced tactics that they won’t be using!

Plus – the Beard and the Hair will be there! Remember how awesome they were back when they were doing videos and speaking at conferences together?

I’m so excited about Ignition and how it can help me be even better at what I do – and how it will help the dealership beat the local competition. I know it will make a difference, and I know you’ll be glad you sent me. Thanks for taking the time to read this today, and if you’d like to chat about this with me, just let me know!

Thanks again,

[your name here]

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