Returning attendee discount

Come back to Ignition…
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You came last year, so you know how amazing Ignition is… And we’d love to see you again this year!

When you attend a conference, you should leave with valuable strategies and tactics that can help your dealership excel… The conference should focus on helping dealers, not making money.

Ignition is the start of a new era of automotive conferences. We are laser-focused on providing advanced-level content to help dealers – with zero distractions.

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Yes, seriously. Ignition is focused on education, not making money off of vendors and sponsorships. You’re coming to learn – not to do constant parkour to avoid aggressive sales pitches.


You won’t have to drink any Kool Aid. We’re not using Ignition to hype our own brand or push our own services, or have a huge video crew shooting footage to hype our brand later.


Our speakers were invited to present because they’re the best in the biz – and none of them had to pay for the opportunity to speak. (yep, other conferences charge speakers THOUSANDS)


If you’re taking time away from work to learn… you should learn! Our speakers are bringing advanced-level content, so you won’t be frustrated at hearing basic BS you’ve heard for years.

Ignition was created with the sole purpose of bringing value back to automotive conferences. Every detail was meticulously planned to “fix” all of the problems with other conferences. Sure, skipping the vendors, removing the hype, and inviting the speakers are obvious differences – but even the smaller details are DIFFERENT.

We’re limiting the event to 100 tickets. We want Ignition to be a small, intimate event where you don’t feel lost in the crowd.

You don’t have to miss a week of work to attend. The conference is on a Monday, and since most dealerships are closed on Sundays, you won’t miss a day of work to travel to Dallas. If you want to return home quickly, you could fly back Monday night and be at work Tuesday morning – so you’d only miss a single day of work. If you’d rather hang out and head home the next day, you’ll still be able to get to the dealership by the afternoon, so at most, you’d miss a day and a half of work.

You won’t have to choose between two sessions you want to see (don’t you hate it how that always happens at other conferences?). You’ll be able to see every presentation since Ignition is a single-track conference.

And best of all… Ignition won’t bust your wallet. Tickets are only $350. There are multiple options for affordable hotels within a few minutes of the venue (if you choose not to stay at the conference hotel). The venue is close to two airports, and since both are the primary hub for major airlines, plane tickets will be cheap as well.

What are you waiting for?

Grab a ticket before they sell out…